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State Programme On development of Azerbaijani Film in 2008-2018   (Ratified by the order 2961 of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated on 4th August, 2008)

1. Common basis

1.1. Current situation

Azerbaijan film indystry, existing more than a hundred years, has a rich history. Mini-sized chronicle plots devoted to Oil Baku are the first examples giving information on the development of the art of in our country.

Being one of the most widespread art forms, film plays an essential role in the sphere of the promotion of national-ethical values and the strengthening of our peoples' national self-comprehension. It is from this point of view that the strengthening of the industrial, technical and information base of cinematography, as well as organization and enlightenment in this sphere are parts of state cultural policy.

The creation of films with various genres, expressing in itself the specificity of national cinematography has passed a development process in stages. Notwithstanding the misrepresentation of some facts in the films produced, because of ideological demands of the soviet period, Azerbaijan film art has played an important role in the formation of aesthetic taste and world outlook of the audience, whilst endeavoring to be appropriate to for the cultural-spiritual requirements of our nation and contribute to the preservation of the national spirit.

After gaining its independence Azerbaijan film gained certain successes in cinematography sphere.

However, there are some problems in development of cinema sphere in the Republic. The films are produced with old shooting methods, voice record tools and equipment, because of unfitness of production base.

In present, electron space is constantly becoming richer with new information-communication technologies. In this regard number of films is shooting with use of possibilities of these technologies that can attract millions of spectator mass. These requests the creation of strong material and technical base provided with the newest equipment and international standards.

About 100 winter and summer film objects will be privatized according to the Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The normative legal base was created in concern with the implementation of the Order of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On cinematography" dated on 1998.

The dynamic development of the country's economy allows for great achievements in the film sphere. Due to the increasing attention attracted by the art of film, the film making budget is being allocated more funds each year. During the short time interval, certain measures were taken for the development of international relations in the film sector and the Republic of Azerbaijan joined the European Convention "On Joint Film Making".

"The State Programme on the development of Azerbaijan Film in 2008-2018" (hereinafter - State Programme) will facilitate quick implementation of our country's cultural policy in the competitive information society.

1.2. The goals and objectives of the State Programme.

The main aim of the State Programme is to restore national film traditions, to revive the film making in the country, to ensure the preservation of films through the use of modern technologies, to develop international cultural relations and to carry out necessary reforms in this sphere.

The state Programme aims to carry out certain activities for the implementation of the following:

- strengthening of material-technical basis of film enterprise;

- reconstruction of the film making industry in the country, provision with  digital shooting, sound-recording and other modern technological equipment;

- restoration of the cinema buildings under the state network, their provision with modern display and sound equipment, and the establishment of multifunctional cinemas;

- provision of protection of initial materials of national films, as well as world film collection according to international technical standards;

- production of documentary and feature films and cartoons, according to the state order;

- development of  scientific research, staff training, and international relations in the film sphere under the protection of the State and the allocation of specific funds from the budget;

- the return of copies of national films stored in foreign countries for years to the Republic of Azerbaijan;

- establishment of new economic relations in the film industry and improvement of management;

- establishment of Film Production Center, having technical services, considered for film production;

- the creation of conditions for establishment of working mechanisms of private sectors, film production institutions, producer centers, and cinemas;

- organization of production of joint production films together with leading film companies of the world;

- improvement of registration process of  all films brought from abroad, as well as produced in the country;

- preparation and implementation of support mechanisms for the establishment of private film sectors;

- increase of artistic level of new films;

- realization of competitive selection mechanisms of film projects dedicated to topical themes;

- increase of the number of films to be shoot with the help of digitalised technologies in the film sphere;

- participation of cinema workers in international, bilateral and multilateral cinema projects;

- production of films for children in various genres, broadening of demonstration of educational and feature films;

- development of cinema criticism as a main part of cinematography;

- raising of influence and effectiveness of traditional international filmfestivals helding in the Republic of Azerbaijan;

- perfection of staff preparation process in cinema system;

- connection of systematic practical exchange between old creative staff and new generation in national cinematography field and use of progressive international practice in the preparation of young workers in the field of cinematography.

1.3. Financial provision of State Program

The measures intending in the State Program are implemented according to the following financial resources:

- allocations on state budget loans;

- financial support of international and non-governmental organizations;

- other resources not being contrary to legislation.

1.4. Expected results

The following results are expected at the result of implementation of State Program:

- perfection of the normative-legal and economical cinema base;

- strengthening of material, technical base of cinema institutions, of the international status of the new shooting films, of modernization of cinema networks acting in the country and meeting the needs of the people in cinema service;

- the shooting of high level films, reflecting in itself the historical and national cultural heritage of the country;

- the broadening of the possibilities of representation and promotion of Azerbaijani cinema art and culture in the world;

- provision of preservation of all important film examples in necessary conditions;

- the attraction of new, talented and professional staff to cinema field


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