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“The Programme on Peoples Creativity Capitals for 2010-2014” of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan   (Ratified by the order 463 of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated on 3 November 2009)


Ancient and variegated intangible cultural heritage of Azerbaijan is a unic human phenomenon embracing top achievements of folk art and being one of the main sources forming the mentality and intelligence of the nation. All necessary facilities were created for the development of intangible cultural heritage in the Republic of Azerbaijan that has restored its state suvereignty and cultural-political provision mechanisms. At the same time legislative, managerial, financial, informative, staff, material-technical, and international mechanisms serve directly to national interests and general wellfare of the nation.

As a result,  the development of Azerbaijan's intangible cultural heritage has got the new scope, national folklore masters and collectives, folk craftsmen have got new creative achievements, favourable conditions were created for the protection of nation's historical way of life, national holidays and traditions. Nowdays a lot of national, international folklore contests and festivales, mastery fairs, round tables and conferences are organizing in the Republic.

The Programme on Peoples Creativity Capitals for 2010-2014" of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan (hereinafter Programme) was created on the base of international organizations' and developed countries experience on cultural policy, and was prepared in order to hold effective and optimal activity on promotion and popularization of intangible cultural heritage.

1.     Main objectives and goals of the Programme

The main objectives of the programme are contributing to protection of intangible cultural heritage of Azerbaijan, popularization of folk art, balanced regional and stable socio-economic development, and improvement of people's standard of life through organizing purposeful measures in the regions.

The Programme considers accomplishing of following goals in order to achieve the objectives defined in it:

- popularization of folk music and dance genres; development of folk theatre; protection of folk-lore;

- reconstruction of national ceremonies, traditions and games; research of cultural history, genealogy, myths and legends; development of area tourism;

- development of folk applied art, protection of traditional decorative art, revival of national fine art.

2. Main principles of the Programme implementation

The Programme on Peoples Creativity Capitals for 2010-2014" is appointed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism at the end of every year on three nominations (Folklore, Mastery, and Area Studies) considering the proposals presented by city executive organs and development of appropriate spheres.

According to the programme the Action Plan approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan will be implemented in the cities (regions) declared as "Folklore Capital of Azerbaijan", "Mastery Capital of Azerbaijan", "Legends Capital of Azerbaijan" for the next year.

3.Financing of the actions considered in the Programme

Programme financing sources are centralized financial resources allocated from state budget, local financial resources allocated from the budgets of the executive organs of cities and regions holding the status of "Peoples Creativity Capitals", paid cultural services grants, donations and other resources.

4. Expected results

The provision of projects and actions aimed to protect and support the intangible cultural heritage of Azerbaijan in systematic manner and with more effective executive mechanisms,  devotion of  more attention to socio-cultural life of the regions, achievement of international recognition of appropriate cities and regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the development of cultural-tourism industry, and opening of new work places are expected as a result of the programme.

5. Model actions for the implementation of the Programme



Selection of the nominee city (region)


Preparation actions (creation of organizing committees; preparation and placement of logotypes; fixing appropriate boards and road signs; preparation of publishing materials (books, booklets, catalogues, postcards)), preparation of souvenirs and other visual aids; creation of internet sites; promotion through mass-media;  preparation and placement of advertisement, show-cases, banners.


Official events (organization of solemn opening and closing ceremonies, holding collegial meetings of central executive organs)


Organization of scientific-practical conferences and round tables, etc. according to folklore, mastery and area study nominations


Organization of national and international concerts, festivals, exhibitions, fairs, info-tours, public events, etc. according to folklore, mastery and area study nominations



Application form of the city candidate

1. Name of the city candidate   ________________________________________

2. Nomination ______________________________________________________

3. Nomination year ___________________________________________________

4. Historical traditions of the city candidate, accordingt to the nomination _______________

5. Geberal preparation of the city candidate ________________________________

6. Number of performers, masters and collectives of people’s creative art, participation in local and international events  __________________________________________________________________

7. Status of the cultural infrastructure (palaces, houses, clubs, culture parks and etc.) ____________________________________________________

8. Proposede events:

Name of the event





















































































9. Nominated proposal of the city (region) culture and tourism centre (department) _________________________________________________

10. Date _________________________________________________________

11. Signature _______________________________________________________


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