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Are You Really Interested In Losing Weight?

Mistakes People Make When They Want To Lose Weight

If you're interested in losing weight, make the process much, much easier by avoiding these simple mistakes.

1. Going on a low-calorie diet.

Assuming that healthy foods are [always] low in calories could be the number one biggest weight-loss mistake people make, The truth is, you could eat French fries all day and still lose weight if you cut enough calories. But clearly that’s not sustainable—or good for your health.

Low-calorie eating plans can also screw up your willpower. When people put themselves on a low-calorie diet, they tend to become ravenous after a few days, then go overboard on unhealthy foods. Not only that, extreme calorie restriction can mess with your metabolism long-term.

2. Thinking it comes down to one nutrient or food.

You’ve heard the story of your coworker's sister who cut out dairy and lost a ton of weight, but this really isn’t the best way to go because most of us just end up eating more of something else. So many people obsess about cutting carbs, sugar, or fat, so they miss the bigger picture of how much they’re eating.  

3. Working out too hard.

It’s possible, and there’s no benefit in pushing yourself to the max every day. You will get hurt and you will get burned out. If that happens, you won’t be in great shape or feel your best—and that kind of defeats the purpose.

4. Treating fat like the plague.

While fat has gotten a bad rap in the past, it’s making a comeback—and with good reason. We need it for normal bodily functions, and it gives our meals staying power.  A lot of people who want to lose weight will shun fats—even healthy fats—and have a really hard time staying full as a result. In the end, they overeat on other things like carbs and have way more than they would if they had more fat.

5. Expecting too much too soon.

It’s completely unrealistic to think that you’re going to shed weight overnight that took years to gain, especially since our bodies are programmed to fight weight loss.  People set really high expectations for weight loss timelines and amounts only to get discouraged and quit when they don’t meet them. Instead of looking for extremes, look for an eating plain that's sustainable (and healthy) in the long run.

6. Taking extreme measures.

People often focus on one thing to lose weight and take it to an extreme and it is unsustainable and not fun.   instead make lots of small changes that are easy. That can mean walking instead of taking the bus, having one slice of bread on your sandwich, opting for sparkling water instead of soda, and making plans with friends that don’t revolve around drinking or eating.

7. Not eating before you work out.

You need energy in order to have a good workout, and that means eating something before you break a sweat. You should go into every workout feeling good and energized, not light-headed, weak, and foggy because your calories are so low.

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