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How can you best paint?

As an employee in a DIY center, I am regularly asked to explain how people can do things the best. I try to explain it as simply as possible so that everyone can understand it. Painting is a job with a lot of patience. It is not something that you can quickly get rid of. Below you will learn how to paint.


A coat of paint often does wonders in your house. When you have painted, your house immediately looks completely different. Depending on what you are going to paint, you need a certain type of paint. Ask an employee of a hardware store what kind of paint you need if you want to paint a particular piece. Nothing is more annoying when you use the wrong paint, because you usually have as a result that the paint does not stay on that spot. Acrylic paint is water-based paint and alcyd-based paint is terpain-based paint.

Requirements for painting

Depending on what you are going to shuffle, you will need the following supplies:
paint rollers and braces
painting tape
bucket (s)
terpetine / thinner

The painting

Before you actually start painting, you must first have done a number of things. The surface must be smooth, dust and grease-free. This means that it must be smoothly sanded, and it must be cleaned with a special detergent. If all this is done you can start painting.

Working with small surfaces
Dip the brush for up to 1/3 in the paint and brush the brush along the edge of the pot. Put the paint vertically and spread the paint with up and down movements from bottom to top. Try to work smoothly from the wrist. Hold the brush as a pen, between thumb and forefinger. To get a smooth and beautiful result you can roll in one direction with a roller.

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