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How to Find Skin Care Advice that Works

If you look up the phrase "skin care" using any search engine, you end up with literally hundreds of thousands of results. There is plenty of advice out there. But, unfortunately finding the advice you actually need is actually still quite difficult.

Part of the problem is that everone wants to sell you something. Often, you feel like that the advice you are getting is not impartial. Usually, you are right. That does not mean that the advice is not right, but what you don't get to know about is the alternatives to buying expensive skin care products.

So, what do you do? Where can you find impartial, yet effective beauty advice? 

Ask your friends and family for skin care advice

The best place to start is your friends and family. Whether you are suffering from acne or eczema, the chances are that somebody in your family or circle of friends has had similar problems. So, why not get a couple of recommendations from them. You can be sure that they have your best interests at heart. So, you will get good advice, that actually works.

Home remedies for skin issues


Often, home remedies work really well. Going online and searching for help on natural living websites can be a great way of finding an affordable and healthy soloution to your skin care issues.

In truth, most of the skin care products that are available in the shops contain the same plants and natural compounds you are going to be using. It is just that these have been produced on a commercial scale.

Check out mum blogs for skin health suggestions

Mom blogs are a great source of all kinds of information. If you are working with a tight budget their suggestions are especially good.

The vast majority of these mum bloggers have to watch what they spend. So, they do not have the budget to waste money on really expensive skin care products. Instead, they make their own and share how they did it with their readers, as well as before and after photos and videos. This mum blogger gives particulalry good advice about food intolerances and skin care.