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Renting a Cheap Apartment in Istanbul for your Short Vacation

When you are going for a short vacation in Istanbul, Turkey; considered a place of diverse people; renting an apartment can be easy if you know your needs and consider them in your choice. There are a lot of flats, apartments and rental houses for rent you will not be short in your choice wherever you are in the area.

No matter what your option for a place to stay, whether one with an ocean view or near the city; finalizing your choice on the number of bedrooms depending on the number of people coming with you, access to transportation, location, rate per day and essential amenities and facilities; there is surely one Istanbul accommodation that will suit your requirements.

Cultural and diversity

Istanbul supports a huge population and rich history and here you can find old architecture, sleek buildings, charming streets and traditional stores; some even a thousand years old. It is considered the fifth largest city in the whole world with a population of about 13 million.

This old city has been once called Byzantine and Constantinople and has been home to many empires in the past hundred years.

Today, this city boasts of diverse culture accepting Europeans seeking employment. It is the only city in the globe that is part of two separate continents; its greater part on the European side and its smaller part belonging to Asia.

This place is preferred by many as an elegant city to spend a vacation and to shop since this is by far, the center of commerce in Europe. The city boasts of cheap Istanbul apartments but very sophisticated in ambiance and style. You can find light and airy apartments with artistic indoors showing modernity though many of these apartments date back from history but have already been beautifully renovated.

One important amenity commonly installed in these flats and apartments is the Internet

Its easy access can be observed to be present in almost all residences as well as the cable and satellite television. This clearly conveys the message that this place is not far-off from modern technology and this also brings all the other continents near. Because of the Mediterranean climate, air conditioning is a welcome treat in cheap accommodation in Istanbul. Views can vary from the quaint streets to the well-lighted bridges; and from the famous mosques and the ordinary marketplaces.

The most common language spoken in Istanbul is Turkish but the English and German languages are widely understood. The currency used is Euros where one US dollar is about two-thirds of a Euro. An average apartment rental can be availed at US $100 per night while those with breathtaking views by the water can be had for US $300 per night.